Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
Allen, Ann Allen, Ann District Administrative Assistant Email 515-996-2221
Bartz, Joel Bartz, Joel Middle School Science Email (515)-996-2221 Web site
Birks, Jean Birks, Jean MS Teacher Email 515-996-2221 Web site
Bryant, Katie Bryant, Katie MS Special Education Email
Carey, Kim Carey, Kim MS/Secondary Math Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Comer, Rebecca Comer, Rebecca Secondary Art Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Corsaut, Lacie Corsaut, Lacie MS Teacher Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Durflinger, Deron Durflinger, Deron Superintendent Email (515) 996-2221
Fandel, Megan Fandel, Megan Middle School Spanish Email (515) 99-2221 Web site
Flaws, Josh Flaws, Josh Middle School SS Email (515)-996-2221
Heard, Holly Heard, Holly Secondary Special Education Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Hockenberry, Diana Hockenberry, Diana District Librarian Assistant Email (515) 996-2221
Hopkins, Melanie Hopkins, Melanie 6-12 Professional School Counselor Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Hovda, Katie Hovda, Katie TK-12 School Nurse Email (515) 996-2221
Hyer, Shawn Hyer, Shawn Instructional Strategist / HS Reading Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Lamoureux, Adam Lamoureux, Adam Secondary (6-12) Principal Email (515) 996-2221
Linde, Mike Linde, Mike Director of Technology / Assistant Athletic Director Email (515) 996-2221
Lindell, Heather Lindell, Heather 6th-12th Vocal Email 515-996-2221
Martin, Renee Martin, Renee Instructional Strategist / Secondary English Email 515-996-2221 Web site
Miller, Kent Miller, Kent Secondary Social Studies Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Miller, Shannon Miller, Shannon K-12 Librarian Email 515-996-2221 Web site
Mullen, Hilary Mullen, Hilary MS/HS SPED Email 515-996-2221
Newell, Melissa Newell, Melissa Elem Spanish Email 515-996-2221 Web site
Olson, Jay Olson, Jay HS Math/Coding Email 515-996-2221
Pape, Kyle Pape, Kyle 6th-12th Band Email 515-996-2221
Pelz, Quin Pelz, Quin Elem / MS PE Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Peterson, Stacy Peterson, Stacy MS Reading Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Rabe, Jessica Rabe, Jessica K-12 Librarian Email 515-996-2221 Web site
Roberts, Rick Roberts, Rick Dean of Students/Activities Director/At-Risk Director Email (515) 996-2221
Schildberg, Brianne Schildberg, Brianne K-5 Music Email 515-996-2221 Web site
Schreck, Kim Schreck, Kim MS Teacher Email 515-996-2221
Schulte, Alexa Schulte, Alexa K-12 Art Email 515-996-2221
Sents, Mary Sents, Mary FCS Email 515-996-2221 Web site
Surratt, Brian Surratt, Brian 6-12 Industrial Technology Email 515-996-2221 Web site
Tendall, Colleen Tendall, Colleen Secondary Special Education Email (515) 996-2221 Web site
Wigant, Stacey Wigant, Stacey Secondary Spanish Email (515) 996-2221 Web site