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The Performing Arts Center is the second incarnation of the 1927 building’s gymnasium.  In 2002 the facility underwent a renovation that included upgrades to the sound and light systems and acoustics. This included installation of a new 24 channel sound system, 48 channel digital light control system and extensive acoustic improvements.  A couple years later the Performing Arts Boosters purchased all new lights for the center.  At that time the facility remained a “multi-purpose” space.

As of the summer of 2016 the space has transitioned to a dedicated performance facility.  Upgrades include new curtains, new paint scheme, automated blinds on the windows,structural improvements, carpet and a 24 channel expandable digital audio mixer.  Additional improvements are forthcoming.

Currently the space is used on a daily basis for choral rehearsals and vocal lessons.  Already the Performing Arts Center has been used for other purposes as well including guest speakers, professional development, and groups in need of a larger classroom space.