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Personalized. Innovative. Global.

Standards Based Grading Principles

1. Differentiation of instruction is essential in order for students to grow and progress.

2. We value our students’ attendance, behavior, cooperation, motivation, and positive attitude.

3. Grades will be based on what the student is able to show they have learned. Therefore, extra credit will not be given at any time.

4. Retakes and revisions of assessments are allowed.

5. Students will be allowed multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency in various ways. When proficiency is demonstrated, students will be given the opportunity to extend their learning.

6. Students are expected to complete all assigned work.

7. There will be times that students are expected to do practice work outside of the school day.

8. Independent practice will be meaningful, purposeful, of high quality and aligned with learning goals.

9. Teachers will determine proficiency by considering multiple points of data using the most recent data and provide evidence to support their determination.

10. Students will have multiple opportunities for practice before the learning goals are assessed for a proficiency score