Personalized. Innovative. Global.

Personalized. Innovative. Global.

Where do I start?

We welcome all students that live within our district to come be a part of the Van Meter Vision! Our district has a proven track record of success and we welcome your child to become a part of our process.

If your student is brand new to the district, you will need to register them at our District Office with our District Registrar, Sandy Coffin.  Here is her contact information.  We also require a proof of residency to enroll in our district or you must be sure to complete the linked open enrollment process.

If your child will be starting kindergarten, we ask that you complete this form at the following link Kindergarten Round-up Form. Information about kindergarten is available here.  

After you begin the enrollment process, Sandy will likely send you to the attendance center where your child will be enrolled. There you will meet with the office staff and begin the process of scheduling your student into courses in our system.

If you have questions, please feel free to call 515-996-9960 and ask for Sandy.

How can I get involved?

Part of what makes our district successful is an active and involved community of parents. We have several organizations that offer our parents a way to meet other parents and become involved in their student’s activities. Some of the of the most popular are the VMEPC, the Van Meter Education Foundation, the Van Meter Athletic Boosters, and the Performing Arts Boosters as well as the Van Meter Recreational Programs.  We encourage all our new families to contact those organizations to see if there are ways to volunteer and help out

Please remember that we do ask all our district volunteers to register in the office.  There are rules and safety precautions in place in all our buildings in accordance with Iowa and Federal laws, so that step is always a good place to start. Some of our buildings also collect volunteer information as part of their registration process, so be sure to ask at the office about how you can help.

Is there assistance available for new students?

Yes, there is. Each of our buildings offer tours for new students, led by other students (to make them feel more at ease on their first few days). Also we have a Student Services department that helps coordinate any other available services a student might need upon arrival in our district. Please feel free to reach out to Jen Sigrist if your student has any special needs or if you could use some assistance with finding local programs and resources for your student. Jen is our Special Education Director along with our Director of Personalized Learning and Innovation and helps to coordinate our outreach and special services with community and other organizations.