Personalized. Innovative. Global.

Personalized. Innovative. Global.

Teaching and learning are at the heart of what we do. Our decisions center on what's good for our students and what helps our teachers better serve the children attending our school. Almost 1 in 4 students choose to come to Van Meter through open enrollment. That says a lot about the type of educational opportunities we provide. 

Personalized Learning is about more than being a small school. While class sizes may be smaller than other schools, our attention to individual learning needs through a multi-tiered system of supports in just one way we address personalized learning. We use a "all hands on deck" approach to scheduled enrichment times to support student learning needs in math and reading. Providing student choice and fostering student ownership of learning is just as much a part of our personalized approach as our data driven decision making. Through project-based learning opportunities, specific feedback and student choice in learning, teachers help facilitate experiences that provide personalized learning options.

Innovative Practices are often for what Van Meter Schools is most known. If there is a better way to support students, we are willing to try those new strategies and approaches to learning. We have a history in our state of being the first at implementing what now seem routine practices. We were among the first 10 schools to go 1:1 with technology back in 2009. We were in the first round of elementary schools to implement MTSS through the state pilot over 5 years ago. We continue to lead in our implementation of our Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) plan as we were selected in the first round of schools by the state. We are a lead district is the state's Competency-Based Education (CBE) Collaborative as well.

Global Ready students mean more than just being culturally aware. We are working to graduate students who have well-rounded skills beyond mastery of content knowledge. We seek to empower learners who can recognize perspectives and take into account different backgrounds as they work in a collaborative setting. We give students more responsibilities with their independent learning time and help them foster self-regulation skills. All of this in addition to a K-12 Spanish program helps our students be competetive in a global economy.