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We appreciate your interest in the Van Meter Community School District and welcome your presence at School Board Meetings.

What is the Board's Role?
The Board's role is to provide leadership and establish policy for the school district. The Board sets district goals, determines curriculum, and allocates resources to meet its objectives. The Board is accountable to the state of Iowa and the people of Van Meter. Board members are also responsible for providing oversight to ensure that students are achieving at high levels and that public resources are being effectively and efficiently managed.

When and where does the Board meet?
The Board meets at 6:00 p.m. on the third Wednesday of each month in Room 219.  

Does the Board offer an opportunity for public comment?
All meetings are open to the public except those permitted by law to be held in closed session. You may address the Board during the open forum held at the beginning of board meetings. These comments are usually limited to three minutes. Those wishing to have an item considered for placement on the agenda should contact the superintendent (996-9960) at least seven days prior to the meeting.

How may I contact board members?
You may email or telephone board members at the addresses and telephone numbers listed on this page.

2016-17 School Board Members

Brent Haynes
Brent Haynes

Member since 2015
Term Expires 2019



My name is Brent Haynes, and I am running for Van Meter School Board.

I grew up outside of Earlham and graduated from Earlham High School.  I attended college at Iowa Lakes Community College where I earned an Associate of Science degree with an emphasis in fisheries and wildlife.  I also attended Northwest Missouri State University and Iowa State University.  I have worked at YRC Freight, formerly Yellow Freight, for the past 21 years. My current position in the company is an Account Executive in sales.

I have been married for 22 years to my wife Janel, formerly Janel Allcott, who is a 1987 graduate of VMHS.  We have 2 boys. Bryce is 17 years old and will be starting his senior year at Van Meter.  Tyler is 13 years old and will be in the 8th grade.  Both boys have been very active in sports, including baseball, wrestling, soccer, football and track.  I have been active in coaching many youth sports over the years including soccer, baseball, and football.   I have also served on the Van Meter soccer board.

Our family is extremely vested in this community.  We live on a farm northeast of Van Meter that has been in my wife’s family for over 100 years.  Generations of her family have attended and graduated from Van Meter.   Many of you will remember Janel’s father, Gary Allcott, who served on the Van Meter school board for several years in the 1980’s, and was well respected in the community.

I feel Van Meter Community School is a very special place.  The growth I have seen in my own children is amazing.   I feel we have a really good thing going with our small town rural atmosphere yet we maintain the ability to compete academically with the most technologically advanced large schools in central Iowa.

If elected to represent the children of the Van Meter district on the school board, I would pledge to do my part to be an advocate for the education of every child attending Van Meter school.  One of my goals would be to continue to work on increasing the percentage of graduating students who go on to seek a secondary education.  I also believe that the school and the city need to work together for mutually beneficial growth and expansion.

In saying that, I would also pledge to the community that I would be a strong fiscal watchdog for your tax dollars.  I would do my part to make sure that your dollars are spent maximizing each child’s education the way that you, the community of Van Meter, would expect them to be used.

Those of you who know me hopefully recognize that I will always voice an opinion on issues and will ask the hard questions until I am sure we are making the best decisions possible for our children and school.    

This is YOUR community!

This is YOUR school!

This is for the education of EVERY child!


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